muichi motsu

Eight new ambient soundscapes creating an intimate space for meditation and relaxation.

Maneki Neko's new release, muichi motsu, now available!

Maneki Neko: Muichi Motsu

Maneki Neko: Muichi Motsu

Step into sonic environments woven from ambient soundscapes and Eastern instrumentation. Soundscapes layered with gently rolling hints of melody, and grounded in deep, satisfying, resonant beds. The result is music with depth and purpose, music that invites the mind and body to slow down and relax in its electro-acoustic textures.

Maneki Neko crafts ambient soundscape music for yoga, relaxation, meditation, and massage therapy to promote meditation and deep relaxation, as the music encourages the muscles to relax and release tension.

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24 June, 2014

muichi motsu available!

muichi motsu has been released! Really excited about the new music. Available at: For the best digital price go to bandcamp. At you have the option to pick from ...

01 June, 2014

Stephen Howell – RIP

Very sad news today about the passing of Stephen Howell from Hollow Sun. Stephen created a number of Kontakt libraries I have used in the creation of my music. His passing is ...

27 May, 2014

Between Heaven and Earth

Uploaded Between Heaven and Earth from the upcoming release muichi motsu at Soundcloud. Give a listen to the entire track.

24 May, 2014

muichi motsu songs

A little background on the songs: Chadō A very minimal song. Chadō is the highly ritualized traditional tea service in Japan. The song was created with this in mind and how ...