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Dāna: the practice of cultivating generosity

Little Flowers collection

This collection of songs came out of the Wanderings recording sessions. These songs are based on Japanese folk songs. In free time at the studio, I would write chord arrangements to support the melody of each song. Striping away the melody and keeping the chords, these ambient songs emerged. Some of these songs are in the Maneki Neko ambient style, some are more melodic. They were fun to create and provided a creative outlet during the Wanderings sessions.

To complete the thoughts on this collection, Little Flowers refers to most of the songs being 2 to 3 minutes long. Much shorter than a typical Maneki Neko song. The name of each song is the Japanese name for different flowers. The inspiration of using this came from the song "Wildflower" on the Wanderings release.

One song a month, MP3 320 kbps, will be made available for download.

Maneki Neko: Himawari
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