The Deeper Well

This was a fun song to create. At about the one minute mark there is a rainstick type of sound. This started off by rolling a number of plastic beads across the floor of the studio and recording this sound a number of times. Layering, delaying and reverb-ing these recordings created the rainstick sound. There is also a sound that repeats a few times through the song, it first appears at about 5 seconds, it’s a repeated, soft clapping sound. This sound is also taken from the plastic beads, ran through a stutter edit plug (usually used on vocals for the stuttering effect popular in pop vocals), heavy reverb and a bit of modulation thrown in. The third sound that came out of the plastic beads is the wind noise. Some time stretching, reversing the sound, reverb and a Doppler effect created the wind. The remaining sounds are a pad, an arpeggiator to create the rising swirling sound and a drone from a tambura.

Video footage includes clips from: Africa Travel Channel, Elemental Footage,