About Maneki Neko

Electronic Press Kit

Maneki Neko is an ambient music project of composer and recording artist Al Mikula. Born in Hawaii, raised in Iceland, California, New England, and now based in Austin, TX. Mixing influences from his travels, Maneki Neko combines traditional instruments and melodic structures from cultures with long-standing meditative traditions to build soundscapes for a relaxing inner journey

Al’s musical tendencies arose as a teen playing with his father’s Teac 4 channel reel-to-reel system. There were countless hours spent manipulating tape echo, feedback, layering, and everything else that could be done with sound. Still, Al’s pathway to music began as a software developer in interactive audio/digital video. He left the world of high technology to pursue his lifetime love of music as a recording engineer in Austin's vibrant music and arts scene.

In 2005, Al released his debut album, Auracle. This release was followed up with muichi motsu (2014). His most recent album, Wanderings (2021) is the latest chapter in exploring ambient spaces for meditation.

"This is meditative music at its finest, a musical revelation that will delight those looking for unique yoga music or an introspective backdrop for meditation or healing."
-- Richard Mackenzie, Mysteries Magazine

“Drawing from various world styles with ethereal keyboard work and deft brush strokes of pan flute and Tibetan bells, this sort of relaxing soundscape is a perfect accompaniment to unwind from a stress-filled world.”
-- Music Morsels

“The sound design is exquisite and allows for sharp focus with free-form expression. This is an excellent CD from a newcomer to the community. It approaches, achieves and supersedes greatness.”
-- Jim Brenholts, Awareness Magazine